In 2005, Yanjin Shop Food Co., Ltd. was formally established, and it was the first to introduce the independent bulk products of preserved candied fruit, which filled the blank of only packaging and bare-packed products in the industry and was widely praised by the market;

    In 2007, the bean dry plant was established;

    In 2008, a meat factory was established;

    In 2009, Yanjin Shop was honored as the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hunan Province;

    In 2010, the company established a nut roasted and roasted plant;

    In 2010, he won the honor of the famous trademark of Hunan Province;

    In 2011, the vegetarian and pastry factories were newly built, and Yanjin Shop has become a company with broad coverage and comprehensive strength in the field of snack foods;

    In 2011, the Yanjin Shop commercial chain was established;

    In 2012, the sinking of sales channels and regional refined management further enhanced the core competitiveness of the brand;

    In 2013, the company expanded the chicken feet factory; the new nut roasted seeds and nuts factory;

    In 2013, the first phase of the company's headquarters warehouse logistics center was completed; the second phase of the project was under construction, and the new warehouse logistics center was a milestone in the company's logistics development, marking the company's use of technology to use digital systems to achieve digital management. To meet the needs of future business expansion;

    In 2013, there were more than 40 Yanjin shop offices, and there were multiple logistics distribution warehouses across the country. The distribution service was more convenient and faster.

    In 2014, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Hunan Yanjin Shop E-Commerce Co., Ltd., with free capital investment, which realized the perfect integration of e-commerce and traditional industries, and created the Internet + food model;

    In 2014, Jiangxi Yanjin Shop Food Co., Ltd. and Xiushui County Yanjinpuzi Agricultural and Sideline Products Processing Co., Ltd. were established.

    In 2015, Yanjin Shop signed a contract with He Wei as the first brand image spokesperson.

    In 2016, we created a bakery pastry factory and launched a series of products such as “steamed cake”, “hurricane cake” and “fresh cake”. On February 8, 2017, Yanjin Shop was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's small and medium-sized board (stock code: 002847) and was hailed by the media as “the first stock of China's snacks.” The company entered a new stage of development.

    On June 8, 2017, Guangxi Yanjin Shop Food Co., Ltd. was established, and launched the “fruit preserve” dried mango product.

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